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Emporium and EmQuatier Shopping Mall

The Em District, Emporium, make your way past a flurry of luxury European brands like Dior, Chanel and Chopard to the mall’s top floors. There you’ll find a six-star cinema with seats so decadent they are more like beds, a healthy dose of culture at the Thailand Creative and Design Center and a visionary children’s center that offers a high-tech experience for little ones.

EmQuartier will require a bit more exploration to see all it has to offer, from high-street brands to Italian couture houses. The Helix is a nine-story-tall spiral of restaurants surrounding an atrium in which the world’s largest garden chandelier forms a tumbling cascade of vegetation. Speaking of cascades, the 40-meter-tall man-made waterfall on the side of the Helix building is an equally impressive feat of urban landscaping.